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Thursday, May 2

10:30am PDT

Collaborating and Scaling Healthy Ingredients across the Material Ecosystem
The healthy materials value chain has radically changed over the last 3-5 years. Material Health Transparency programs like Declare and Health Product Declarations have helped facilitate the exchange of ingredient information between manufacturers and purchasers. Material health transparency programs have also helped influence the exchange of information between manufacturers and suppliers as well as with designers and building occupants.
 But what’s next? This session will explore and engage participants in how to further collaborate and scale the healthy materials ecosystem. Presenters will share ideas for a better mapped value chain where opportunities for scaling material health exist and where new models for collaboration exist. The session will then expand and engage the audience to identify opportunities for a more effective material health ecosystem.
Mapping the value chain for opportunities will be the theme and output of this session including identifying opportunities for better value chain feedback loops, activating Material Health Data for better collaboration on healthy materials, prioritizing chemicals of concerns, Report Cards on material selection concerns, summaries of chemicals that alert buyers, sensitivities of chemicals for end users, and beyond. The process and audience feedback will be captured and provided as a Summary Report following the UnConference.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.5 LFA credits
  • 1.5 AIA LU|HSW credits

avatar for Mikhail Davis

Mikhail Davis

Director of Restorative Enterprise, Interface
Mikhail Davis is Director of Restorative Enterprise at Interface, the world's largest manufacturer of modular carpet. He is responsible for advancing Interface's journey to Mission Zero (and beyond) in the Americas by building internal leadership capacity, facilitating strategic alignment... Read More →
avatar for Sara Tepfer

Sara Tepfer

Consultant, Arup
Sara completed her masters degree in architecture with a concentration in building science at UC Berkeley and is now a sustainability consultant at Arup's San Francisco office. I'm coming to sustainability consulting after graduate school in architecture at Berkeley and an undergraduate... Read More →
avatar for William Paddock

William Paddock

Managing Director, WAP Sustainability
William Paddock is the founder and managing director of WAP Sustainability Consulting, a leading provider of sustainability services that include carbon accounting, lifecycle assessments, certification support, product transparency programs, supply chain sustainability and managed... Read More →

Thursday May 2, 2019 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Cowlitz Room #502

2:00pm PDT

Google’s Pursuit with Living Buildings: Case Studies & Storytelling
During this LISTEN + LEARN SESSION, you will hear from two of Google employees, an ILFI staff member, and moderated by the projects’ Sustainability consultant. The presentation will be focused on sharing lessons learned with the audience, and then engaging through Q&A at the end of the session.

Megan from Integral will open the presentation with introductions to the speakers and help to close the presentation by interviewing the panelist and moderating the Q&A. Lauren and Andreas from Google REWS Sustainability team will by setting the historic context and describe in more detail recent Google projects which have pursued LBC Petal Certifications. Andrea Cooper from ILFI will share how LBC imperatives have changed due to application on large scale projects.

Google Charleston East - This ~595,000 SF addition to Google’s Mountain View campus features a building that is pursuing LEED v4 NC Platinum and LBC Materials Petal certifications, which includes full Red List vetting, over 99.6% construction waste diversion, and 100% FSC for temp and permanent wood. In addition to the Materials petal, the project chose to incorporate the Beauty + Place petals. The Beauty petal is expressed through five public art installations, including sculptures which are intended to be dynamic, interactive, and to inspire curiosity. The Place petal is articulated through ~12 acres of landscape will be dedicated to pollinator habitat using native plant palettes, 3 bee boxes (apiaries) will be installed and maintained on site, and several movable vegetable demonstration gardens.

Google Bay View - Across Stevens Creek from the Charleston East project site, the Bay View project sits on NASA Ames campus and will host ~1.1M SF of office and event space. This project is pursuing LEED v4 NC Platinum and LBC Water Petal certifications. The project’s Net-Positive Water approach is made possible through a water-saving geothermal pile design, dual-plumbing, rainwater and stormwater capture, retention ponds, and decentralized wastewater treatment.
Google’s development projects speak directly to SCALING. At the Charleston East project, scaling the manufacturer outreach process by applying the common products methodology and creating a systematic approach to product vetting has proven a great success. This process was then replicated at the Bay View project for interiors products, although this project was not pursuing the Materials Petal. Bay View chose to pursue its own challenge through the Water Petal, showing how water reuse systems can be applied at ~1M GSF scale.

These success stories can not be shared without mentioning the huge efforts put forth by the deeply COLLABORATIVE teams behind them. Beyond the collaboration between Google and ILFI, the list extends to the specialists in the fields of sustainability and healthy material consultants, manufacturer outreach teams, design/ project/ interior/ landscape architects, structural/ MEP/ water system engineers - the list goes on! Every team played a specific role, out-performed both individually as well as collectively.

Google continues to evolve it’s design guidelines, sustainability principles, and research initiatives based on market and project feedback. The evolution which many of Google’s partners have experienced in the process of working on these tremendous projects does not go unnoticed. The future of Google directly incorporates concepts of ABUNDANCE through their collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and key sustainability pillar on Circular Economy.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.5 LFA credits
  • 1.5 AIA LU|HSW credits

avatar for Andrea Cooper-Lazarczyk

Andrea Cooper-Lazarczyk

Declare Manager, International Living Future Institute
Andrea is a sustainable design and construction professional with a background in interior design, architecture and construction management. After receiving her Master of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Andrea worked on some of the most noteworthy, sustainable... Read More →
avatar for Andreas Gyr

Andreas Gyr

REWS Sustainability Program Manager, Google
Andreas has been with Google's Real Estate and Workplace Services Sustainability Team for over 7 years, and plays a key role for Google development projects in North America and Europe. He collaborates with design and construction teams to implement proven strategies and investigate... Read More →
avatar for Lauren Sparandara

Lauren Sparandara

REWS Sustainability Program Manager, Google
Lauren is a REWS Sustainability Program Manager at Google, Inc. Over the last few years she has worked to advance Google's efforts to optimize its built environment for the health and performance of Googlers and the natural environment with a primary focus around maximizing Google's... Read More →
avatar for Megan White

Megan White

Chief Sustainability Officer, Integral Group
As Chief Sustainability Officer, Megan is responsible for applying the same levels of ambition and performance from Integral’s project work to local and global initiatives such as the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment announced at the Global Climate Action Summit. Under Meg... Read More →

Thursday May 2, 2019 2:00pm - 3:30pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Cowlitz Room #502

3:45pm PDT

LPC: Transformation Beyond Certification
The Living Product Challenge goes far beyond typical certification frameworks to inspire a whole new way of doing business for a world that needs far more good, not just less bad. Come hear from four manufacturers of Living Products about how taking on the challenge has inspired transformation of products, processes and people rippling far beyond the scope of the original certification.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the Living Product Challenge framework and how it applies to different types of products
  2. Compare the 1.1 to 2.0 frameworks and learn how the certification is building focus on carbon and social impacts.
  3. Consider how Handprinting and a framework of positive impact can create ripple effects beyond just product certification
  4. Explore opportunities for transformation at your own company based on the framework of the Living Product Challenge
This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.25 LFA credits
  • 1.25 AIA LU|HSW credits

avatar for Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Director of Sustainability, 3form/Lightart
As Director of Sustainability at 3form/Lightart, Michael Johnson provides direction and oversight to corporate environmental and social responsibility policies and initiatives. These include initiatives designed to achieve goals of zero waste in manufacturing, carbon neutrality, product... Read More →
avatar for Sarah Robinson-Enaharo

Sarah Robinson-Enaharo

Product Sustainability Manager, Tarkett
Sarah Robinson- Enaharo advances Tarkett North America's sustainability strategy, goals, policies, and programs. In this role, she advocates for the optimization of material inputs for safe and healthy products, drives circular and regenerative economies, promotes occupant well-being... Read More →
avatar for Annie Bevan

Annie Bevan

Global Head of Sustainability, Superior Essex
Annie Bevan is a sustainability professional with over 10 years of experience working with organizations to develop processes, procedures, and standards to analyze and certify various sustainability claims in products, supply chains, buildings, and within manufacturing operations... Read More →
avatar for James Connelly

James Connelly

Vice President, Strategic Growth, ILFI
A GreenBiz 30 under 30 sustainable business leader, James Connelly is the Vice President of Product and Strategic Growth at the International Living Future Institute.As VP of Strategic Growth, he leads ILFI in developing strategy and cultivating new business and partnership opportunities... Read More →

Thursday May 2, 2019 3:45pm - 5:00pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Cowlitz Room #502
Friday, May 3

10:30am PDT

Entering the Material Pool: Deep End Jump or Shallow Slide?
Changing minds is not easy. Changing habits is even harder. As we learn more about what we don’t know, how do we prevent ourselves from drowning in information and sliding back into business as usual. And what is the definition of healthy if various benchmark systems and organizations define it slightly differently if not quite differently? Changing how we select materials and engage owners and the building industry is essential to community health – but can it be done by moving one lever? We believe that through our collective community, we can change habits and get to where we want to get to – empower individuals to help us select, make, create with healthier materials. It takes moving several levers and using different industry languages.

In our session, we will hear the experiences from an architect’s, general contractor’s, specification writer, and owners point of view. There is no perfect approach, just a variety of tools and approaches to help keep the momentum toward a healthier material pool of products. How you get into the pool can vary. Here are some methods that have worked for us.

We will also cover process, educating the team and using material selection to change the design process. Examples of collaboration between builders, vendors and team members will be discussed. The goal is to transition from single minded approach to a multi-attribute analysis that ends with better material selections.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.5 LFA credits
  • 1.5 AIA LU|HSW credits

avatar for Pauline Souza, AIA, LEED Fellow

Pauline Souza, AIA, LEED Fellow

LEED Fellow, Partner and Director of Sustainability, WRNS Studio
Pauline has dedicated her 33+year career to creating high-quality sustainable educational environments. She‚Äôs responsible for implementing sustainable principles and incorporating benchmark¬†systems into¬†all WRNS‚Äôs¬†projects.¬†She‚Äôs a LBC Hero, USGBC... Read More →
avatar for Anne Hicks Harney

Anne Hicks Harney

President and Founder, Long Green Specs
Anne is the president and founder of Long Green and has been a practicing Architect and Spec Writer for over 30 years. She provides a solid technical foundation to high end design, emphasizing both performance and sustainability, while being at the vanguard of material selection... Read More →
avatar for Courtney Lorenz

Courtney Lorenz

LEED AP, BD+C, Sustainability Manager, XL Construction
Making sustainability relatable to clients, designers and every XLer is Courtney's prerogative as Sustainability Manager. She is responsible for high performance goal setting through construction and post occupancy phases and responsible for the infamous green story box. A recipient... Read More →
avatar for Katie Ross

Katie Ross

Sustainablity Program Manager - Real Estate & Facilities, Microsoft
Katie leads Sustainability for Microsoft's Real Estate portfolio. She is responsible for developing and implementing sustainability strategy for their office portfolio. Katie's career has been dedicated to the adoption of high performance, healthy, sustainable buildings. She oversees... Read More →

Friday May 3, 2019 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Cowlitz Room #502

2:00pm PDT

Policy-Inspired Design: A Catalyst for Healthy Materials and Positive Social Change
The session focuses on the Healthy Materials process in the design and construction of an LBC – Petal project. Due to the materials focus of this project, multiple products and manufacturing processes have been altered to create more healthy materials for future projects. A diverse panel of presenters will speak to the unique material substitutions of products and methods that the design team used to satisfy the owner’s request for long-lasting systems that, at the time, did not exist on the market as a Red List compliant system. Success stories will be shared by the panel, including each person’s role in and perspective on the collaborative use of a salvaged wood source for the project – an aspect of the design that heavily aligns with the mission of the client. The resulting installation is part artwork, part social equity, and a symbol for a school that focuses on changing world policy for positive social impact. 
An in-depth analysis of the process will be presented by three different perspectives with a comprehensive series of slides. The presenters will engage the audience with questions relative to their experience and the content being presented though video, professional photography, architectural mediums, and project documentation. Presenters will take informal surveys of the audience throughout the presentation, which will inform the audience about others who have had similar experiences. There will also be a traditional Q&A portion at the end of the presentation where audience members can ask questions of the presenters.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.25 LFA credits
  • 1.25 AIA LU|HSW credits

avatar for John Mlade

John Mlade

Senior Project Manager, Sustainable & Healthy Environments, Wight & Company
Since 2001, John has supported clients in sustainability strategies that benefit the environment, people, and the bottom line. He is a process champion who can bring together stakeholders around a common vision, as evidenced by his experience facilitating interdisciplinary design... Read More →
avatar for Gabriel Wilcox

Gabriel Wilcox

Project Manager, Farr Associates
Gabriel Wilcox (AIA, LEED AP, NCARB) is a key member of Farr Associates architectural staff with 12 years of experience in the design of high performance Higher Education projects. His previous work experiences in construction and civil engineering have provided him with a well-rounded... Read More →

Friday May 3, 2019 2:00pm - 3:15pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Cowlitz Room #502

3:30pm PDT

Circular Solutions at Scale
Finding circular solutions means working throughout the value chain to find opportunities for waste reduction or reuse of materials to prevent new waste and actively decrease the volume of unused material. With case studies from leading manufacturers and interactive problem-solving, this session is designed to both share existing solutions and inspire new ones through material reduction, reuse and end-of-life solutions by participants.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the impacts of material waste streams on humans and the environment
  2. Delve into case studies of leading manufacturers implementing circular solutions at their company
  3. Explore barriers to implementation of circular solutions and how they have been overcome
  4. Identify easily-implementable solutions at your own company, and longer-term ideals for moving towards a circular model

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.25 LFA credits
  • 1.25 AIA LU|HSW credits

avatar for Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Director of Sustainability, Knauf Insulation
Scott Miller directs Knauf Insulation’s Sustainability Initiatives as well as all government and non-governmental product regulation or selection activities and provides strategic input to manufacturing, product development, as well as sales and marketing initiatives. Well versed... Read More →
avatar for Benson Gabler

Benson Gabler

Director, Outreach, ILFI
Benson manages the Pittsburgh Living Product Hub, which ILFI launched in April 2017 to support the region’s growth of green manufacturing and regenerative product design. A Pittsburgh native, Benson is excited to build ILFI’s presence in the region and work with local manufacturers... Read More →
avatar for Kayleigh Gregory

Kayleigh Gregory

Sustainability Coordinator, Mohawk Industries
Kayleigh Gregory is the Sustainability Coordinator at Mohawk Industries. Her current responsibilities include providing global and regional support to the company’s sustainability initiatives including customer relations, employee engagement, manufacturing operations, and external... Read More →
avatar for Brigitte Dillman-Cruce

Brigitte Dillman-Cruce

Curriculum Manager-Sustainability, Kohler Co.
Brigitte Dillman-Cruce has been a key member of the Kohler Sustainability, Design for Environment and Innovation for Good teams for over five years. Prior to joining Corporate Sustainability full-time, Brigitte was a member of Kohler's Talent COE and Kohler Learning Academy, and focused... Read More →

Friday May 3, 2019 3:30pm - 4:45pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Cowlitz Room #502