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Thursday, May 2

10:30am PDT

Using the Living Building Challenge to Transform your Organization and Change the World
Human activity is the largest contributor to climate change. Organizations must lead the way to reverse decades of environmental damage. How can your organization help? The framework of the Living Building Challenge inspired our firm to work and think in a different way, resulting in new approaches and solutions. This voyage opened our eyes to what we can do and how to share this process with our peers. This session takes you on our journey as we discuss what we learned and how we have grown, providing you with the tools to start your own journey, no matter the scale.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.5 LFA credits
  • 1.5 AIA LU credits

avatar for Kristin Kelsey

Kristin Kelsey

Architecture and Design Lead, Herman Miller
Kristin Kelsey is the Architecture and Design Lead for the northwest region of Herman Miller. She has over eight years of experience in architecture and interior architecture with dual master’s degrees in both fields from the University of Oregon. Kristin approaches building design... Read More →
avatar for Robert Misel

Robert Misel

Partner, The Miller Hull Partnership
Rob has actively participated in some of Miller Hull's larger infrastructure projects and is particularly interested in creating a commitment-based project culture to improve outcomes for his clients. He seeks a transparent, integrated team approach where team cohesion, collaboration... Read More →
avatar for Margaret Sprug

Margaret Sprug

Principal, The Miller Hull Partnership
With a passion for design and sustainability, Margaret has been responsible for helping Miller Hull break new ground with highly sustainable projects. Her ability to facilitate complex challenges has advanced Living Buildings projects, bringing together the functional and creative... Read More →

Thursday May 2, 2019 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Clallum Room #701

2:00pm PDT

Reframing Architectural Education for Regenerative Design
The goal of the session is to engage conference participants in growing a new future for architectural education from the idea of regenerative design. As articulated by the Regenesis Group, regenerative design evolves the social, ecological, and economic model to instead focus on sustainability, resilience, and regenerative design. These framing concepts are heuristics for understanding the operation of a living system. To restore health to a social-ecological system, all three levels must operate simultaneously: closing loops via sustainability; responding to disruptors via resilience; and playing a value-adding, co-evolutionary role via regenerative design. While both the profession and academia have been working steadily on sustainability and resilience, regenerative design is the final and necessary step in overcoming the separation between self and other, humanity and nature.

Regenerative design overcomes the “zero sum game” inherent in sustainability and the “gaming the system” inherent in resilience. Instead, it declares finally that we are all in this together as a single social-ecological system, complete with all of the aspects of a living system: closed in the sense that we are self-organizing with boundaries of our own choosing and open in the sense that we are nested and metabolizing.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.5 LFA credits
  • 1.5 AIA LU credits

avatar for Shelly Pottorf

Shelly Pottorf

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Prairie View A&M University
Shelly Pottorf, AIA, CPHC, LEED AP BD+C is a practicing architect and the Principal of Architend, a firm committed to catalyzing a living future through architecture, community design, sustainable consulting, and research. She further serves as an Assistant Professor in the Prairie... Read More →
avatar for Jonathan Bean

Jonathan Bean

Assistant Professor of Architecture; Sustainable Built Environments, University of Arizona
Jonathan Bean is Assistant Professor of Architecture, Sustainable Built Environments, and Marketing and Chair of the Sustainable Market Transformation program at the University of Arizona. He was the faculty lead for the University of Arizona's team in the 2018 Race to Zero Student... Read More →
avatar for Mary Rogero

Mary Rogero

Associate Professor, Department of Architecture + Interior Design, Miami University
Mary Rogero is an Associate Professor and former Chair for the Department of Architecture and Interior Design at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is currently teaching a Passive and Low Energy Design seminar which includes the CPHC curriculum, studios, and a HIstory and Theory... Read More →

Thursday May 2, 2019 2:00pm - 3:30pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Clallum Room #701

3:45pm PDT

Turning Fear into Hope: How The Wicked Scarcity of Time Compels us to Change Faster
The unConference theme of Collaboration + Abundance frames an optimistic and productive path forward for the Living Building movement. Yet in downplaying the idea of scarcity and emphasizing abundance, the theme overlooks the greatest resource challenge we face: time. This keynote-style session will engage participants to think about the deep future, how trends today play out over long periods of time, and the role their own work plays in speeding up change. At key points, the presentation will pause to take an audience (show of hands) survey to test their perceptions of time: how long might obesity take to peak or for U.S. CO2 pollution to cease? 
Six proven accelerants of change will be introduced while three—pilgrimage sites, communities of practice, and campaigns—will be explained in greater depth. Again, an audience survey will poll participants on how their work can be leveraged to accelerate change. This master session draws content from the new book Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patterns for the Future by Douglas Farr. To illustrate how audience members can apply accelerants in their region, two sustainability campaigns inspired by Sustainable Nation will be used to demonstrate a seminal idea: the Theory of Change. The two campaigns are Carbon Free Chicago 2050 and a Nation of Neighborhoods 2030.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.25 LFA credits
  • 1.25 AIA LU|HSW credits

avatar for Doug Farr

Doug Farr

Founding Principal, Farr Associates
DOUGLAS FARR (FAIA, LEED AP, CNU-A) is an architect, urbanist, author, and advocate for sustainable design thinking. Chicago-based Farr Associates plans and designs lovable, aspirational buildings and places. A native Detroiter, Doug co-chaired the development of LEED-ND and has served... Read More →

Thursday May 2, 2019 3:45pm - 5:00pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Clallum Room #701
Friday, May 3

10:30am PDT

The Nature of Transformational Collaboration: Interactive Skills to Improve How We Work Together
This session will teach critical collaboration skills enabling effective communication and successful co-creation, while getting people out of their heads and into their body intelligence.

Until we develop healthier collaboration skills, and deeply connect to our emotions as individuals and communities, we will be limited in our ability to process the massive amount of collective fear, grief and feelings of separation preventing people from coming together to implement the scale of creative solutions our world needs right now. This requires a willingness to bridge to other mindsets and find alignment regardless of political stance or background.

Our brains, egos, judgments, and limiting beliefs keep us from abundance and the simplicity of solutions we can find by observing nature. The scarcity mindset limits impactful collaboration and prevents broad change. This transformational collaboration we are proposing has been proven to open the path to a much higher level of innovation, creating the potential for a living future we can all be proud of. Through dialogue and movement-based activities, and utilizing the wisdom of nature to inform best collaboration practices, participants will learn evidence-based tools they can bring back to their families, workplaces, and communities to lead the movement of transformational collaboration.

Effective and conscious collaboration is rarely taught in schools and isn’t addressed as a daily practice in most corporate settings, yet it is key to building a thriving abundant future together. The depth of this work is grounded in the 45 years of clinical experience from the Hendricks Institute and the 25 years of research from the Heartmath Institute along with the life experience of both facilitators. This will be an extremely beneficial, unforgettable, out-of-the-box unConference experience.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.5 LFA credits
  • 1.5 AIA LU credits

avatar for Courtney Giancaterino

Courtney Giancaterino

Courtney Giancaterino Yoga Therapies
Courtney Giancaterino is a Behavior Change Specialist, Yoga Therapist, and Leadership Coach. For the last 5 years she has taught leaders how to use their built-in resources to restore the flow of vital energy throughout the body, find inner peace and take ownership of their wellbeing... Read More →
avatar for Yancy Wright

Yancy Wright

President/CEO, Alternavida Lifestyle LLC
Yancy Wright has been a facilitator and corporate leader for 15 years, focused on corporate wellbeing and transformational leadership coaching for the last 5 years. After working in the corporate world for 12 years and completing more than 40 green building projects (LEED) for world-class... Read More →

Friday May 3, 2019 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Clallum Room #701

2:00pm PDT

How Living Buildings Change the Way We Work
Two inspired institutions, two design and construction teams, one Construction Management company build a collaborative environment and innovate new practices to support the the Living Building Challenge and new ways of working together. Stories from designers, builders, teachers, and leaders of all kinds. Superior design, engineering and construction result.

Jonathan Wright's book, Living Building Makers: Creating Sustainable Buildings That Renew Our World
 will be launched by Ecotone Publishing at the conference.

Presenters include designers, teachers, construction professionals, project managers, and owners
Representatives. Each will share a story and briefly explore how the goals of the Living Building
Challenge, and the specific Projects Goals, inspired change and innovation in their work, and gave them hope, insight, renewed passion, and satisfaction along the path to more sustainable methods and results.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.25 LFA credits
  • 1.25 AIA LU credits

avatar for Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson

Executive Director, Hitchcock Center for the Environment
For the past 17 years, Julie has worked to strengthen the impact and reach of the Hitchcock Center for the Environment’s mission to foster a greater awareness and understanding of our environment and to develop environmentally literate citizens. She has kept the Hitchcock Center... Read More →
avatar for Charley Stevenson

Charley Stevenson

Principal, Integrated Ecostrategy
Charley Stevenson is a sustainability consultant and green building entrepreneur focused on helping others understand, appreciate and implement LBC principles. Since 2010, Stevenson’s company, Integrated Eco Strategy (IES), has managed the green aspects of projects from 1,000 to... Read More →
avatar for Sara Draper

Sara Draper

R.W. Kern Center Director of Educational Program and Outreach, Hampshire College
Sara Draper is the Director of Education and Outreach at Hampshire College’s R.W. Kern Center, a certified Living Building and hub of sustainability culture and engagement. In her role as “building ambassador” Sara works across campus and beyond to make the most of the educational... Read More →
avatar for Kelly Haigh

Kelly Haigh

Partner, Architect, designLAB architects
Kelly Haigh AIA is a partner at designLAB architects in Boston, Massachusetts.  She works primarily with mission-driven institutions focused on arts, libraries, educational, and community-based design, and served as Project Architect for the Hitchcock Center for the Environment in... Read More →
avatar for Christina Cianfrani

Christina Cianfrani

Associate Professor of Hydrology, Hampshire College
Prof. Christina Cianfrani has a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and is an Associate Professor of Hydrology at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. Her research and teaching lie at the intersection of environmental engineering, water resource management, and ecology. She co-directs... Read More →
avatar for Jason Jewhurst

Jason Jewhurst

Principal, Bruner-Cott
Jason’s passion for reconnecting with the natural environment informs all of his work as a specialist in sustainable and high-performance building design. With a strong technical background in building systems, technology, and sustainability, Jason is driven by a deep respect for... Read More →
avatar for Jonathan A. Wright

Jonathan A. Wright

Founder, Wright Builders Inc.
Jonathan A. Wright is an accomplished maker with more than forty-five years' experience as an expert builder specializing in the construction and design of sustainable, healthy, high-performance buildings. He founded Wright Builders, Inc. of Western Massachusetts in 1974, and the... Read More →

Friday May 3, 2019 2:00pm - 3:15pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Clallum Room #701

3:30pm PDT

Public Policy + Implementation
Sculpting public policy to benefit Living Building Challenge projects can be a daunting task if one is not well informed about the process or aware of local politics and opportunities. Join us and learn what it takes to navigate and implement public policy via interactive learning and listen to success stories from around the country.

A team of individuals armed with the right knowledge and network can not only envision but also execute a plan to create public policy encouraging Full Living Certification in their respective regions.

This session will help attendees understand the importance of a team approach to policy, who should be on the team, and what and when steps need to be taken to ensure success. To make sure the session covers most scenarios, multiple government officials from around the country will discuss the process via a panel - King County, Washington; Cincinnati, Ohio; Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah; and Santa Monica, California. Each government official will not only discuss how and why their jurisdiction chose to walk down the policy path, but they will share their respective struggles and pitfalls.

The session format allows for visual, audio and tactile learners to engage in the conversation while learning more about how policy can benefit their efforts to promote equitable and just ILFI principles.

This session is approved for the following continuing education credits:
  • 1.25 LFA credits
  • 1.25 AIA LU credits

avatar for Miranda Redinger

Miranda Redinger

Senior Planner, City of Shoreline
Miranda grew up in the mountains of Virginia and attended the University of Virginia's School of Architecture under Dean William McDonough, who inspired her with "waste-equals-food" and "cradle-to-cradle" sustainable design principles. She joined the City of Shoreline in 2007 and... Read More →
avatar for Amber Richane

Amber Richane

Architecture Services, City of Santa Monica
Environmental stewardship is central to Amber’s life, from the solar powered electric car she drives to her ongoing conservation projects at her home and children’s schools, she strives to eliminate waste and carbon in all that she does. This passion for protecting our Earth drives... Read More →
avatar for Kevin Emerson

Kevin Emerson

Energy Efficiency Program Director, Utah Clean Energy
Kevin is the lead for energy efficiency programs and policy activities for Utah Clean Energy. Recently, he served as a consultant to Salt Lake City on its Project Skyline initiative, and co-chaired the Building Efficiency Committee for the State of Utah's Energy Efficiency and Conservation... Read More →
avatar for Celia Ingrid Peterson

Celia Ingrid Peterson

Environmental Sustainability Project Manager, Park City Municipal
Celia works at Park City Municipal on the Sustainability team, working to achieve North America's most ambitious climate goals for a city: to be net-zero carbon and running on 100% renewable electricity by 2022 for municipal operations, and by 2032 for the whole community. Prior to... Read More →
avatar for Patti Southard

Patti Southard

Program Manager, King County Green Tools
Patti Southard is the program manager for Green Tools green building program in King County Washington. At King County Southard runs the Sustainable Cities Program which focuses on coordinating all of King County's cities on built environment and climate related policies. In addition... Read More →

Friday May 3, 2019 3:30pm - 4:45pm PDT
Hyatt Regency - Clallum Room #701